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East Rockingham

Clean energy and the opportunity for waste

East Rockingham Waste to Energy facility

Energy from waste projects are typically large-scale and complex, requiring proven technology, experienced investors and integrated supply contracts. While these projects are relatively new in Australia, their growing importance in other markets provides confidence they are achievable. 

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Clean energy and the opportunity for waste

July 2020

How can Australia convert increasing volumes of commercial, industrial and residential waste into clean energy, cutting both emissions and landfill? 

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Better waste management is a central element in Australia’s transition to a low emissions economy, with the potential to reduce emissions by cutting landfill volumes while generating reliable clean energy. The CEFC works with companies to turn urban and industrial waste into new energy sources and valuable products, creating an important revenue stream while also reducing landfill gas emissions. 

Perth’s East Rockingham Waste to Energy facility will process some 300,000 tonnes of residual waste annually, producing 29MW of reliable generation capacity and diverting 96 per cent of residual waste from landfill. 

Energy from waste is a great example of technology that addresses more than one challenge, using our rising waste levels to provide a new source of clean, dispatchable energy, improving the reliability and security of the electricity grid, an important priority for the CEFC.
Last updated July 2020. Waste/bioenergy, Investment Insights
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