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Greener approach delivers for world class health services

Sustainability uplift for our essential healthcare assets

Healthcare facilities typically use considerably more energy than standard commercial buildings, given their unique requirements around patient care, sterility and 24-hour operational model. Dexus has created Australia's first portfolio of hospital and healthcare assets with an environmentally sustainable development focus.  

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Clean energy and healthcare

February 2020

How can Australia’s healthcare sector lower emissions while delivering the world class health services our community needs? The CEFC and leading property owner, manager and developer, Dexus, are working together to identify and implement practical solutions. 

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Our investment

Dexus established Australia's first portfolio of hospital and healthcare assets to have an environmentally sustainable development focus. Core assets include the Calvary Adelaide Hospital and GP Plus Health Care Adelaide, the North Shore Health Hub in St Leonards in Sydney and a medical research facility in Adelaide.  

The fund aims to set a new low carbon benchmark for a healthcare facility, reducing operational energy use and emissions through a range of sustainability features. These include passive design, energy efficiency, on-site renewable energy and low emissions transport solutions, such as those at the North Shore Health Hub. 

The healthcare sector is ideally suited to benefit from sustainability and clean energy technologies, cutting operating costs as well as lowering emissions. Together with Dexus, we are committed to accelerating a low emissions transition in this vital part of our economy.
Last updated February 2020. Property, Investment Insights
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