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Infrastructure sector, sustainability and performance

IFM Investors gives iconic infrastructure assets a green makeover 

Emissions from infrastructure including energy, telecommunications, water and transport are responsible for half of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.  The CEFC and IFM Investors are changing the way some of Australia’s biggest and best-known ports, airports and electricity providers operate as they make a sustainable transition towards a lower emissions future.  

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Clean energy and Australia’s infrastructure sector

February 2020

This report gives practical insights into how clean energy technologies and initiatives can deliver sustainability outcomes across the infrastructure sector, reducing emissions while maintaining financial performance. 

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Our investment

The IFM Australian Infrastructure Fund is working to cut the energy and emissions profiles of seven major infrastructure assets: Ausgrid, Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport, Port of Brisbane, NSW Ports, Northern Territory Airports and Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. The program includes setting individual emissions reduction targets per asset, ranging from 8 to 25 per cent by 2024 and 17 to 100 per cent by 2030, based on science-based carbon emissions reduction targets.

IFM is also developing and implementing individual carbon reduction pathways for its assets and is committed to incorporating sustainable design principles in major capital works for both current and future infrastructure assets. 

Infrastructure assets are central to our economic and social well-being. They are usually large, expensive and built for the long term. It is absolutely critical that the assets of today contribute to the overall emissions reduction task that we are facing. With this investment, the CEFC and IFM Investors are targeting comprehensive and sustained improvements to the carbon footprint of some of our most important infrastructure.
Last updated February 2020. Infrastructure, Transport, Investment Insights
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