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CEFC reaches 2 GW wind milestone with finance for major NSW wind farm

30 May, 2019

The CEFC has confirmed investment commitments of almost $1 billion in Australia’s wind sector, delivering 2 GW of wind energy across regional Australia. The latest investment is a commitment of up to $180 million* to the Collector Wind Farm in NSW Southern Tablelands, with the CEFC’s role as sole debt financier supporting the accelerated delivery of the innovative circa $360 million project.

CEFC Wind Sector lead Andrew Gardner said: “CEFC investments in large-scale wind developments have tracked a remarkable level of innovation and change in the sector.

“While our earliest finance supported projects which had secured only partial off-take agreements, we are now working on hybrid projects that bring together wind, solar and storage, as well as projects that are seeking new style off-take agreements with large corporates.

“These developments have driven considerable infrastructure investment in regional areas, while creating long-term assets that capitalise on Australia’s natural wind resources.  Wind developers are also contributing significant additional investment to local communities through long-term community development funds. In the case of Collector, this will see $240,000 injected into the local community each year.”

The Collector Wind Farm is located along the Cullerin Range south-west of Goulburn, which boasts some of the windiest conditions in NSW. With 54 wind turbines, the project is expected to generate in the order of 528 GWh of energy annually, enough to meet the needs of around 80,000 average homes.

Mr Gardner said that as sole debt financier to the project, the CEFC had enabled it to reach financial close on a fully merchant basis, ahead of securing energy offtake contracts.

“Finance for fully merchant projects unlocks further wind sector opportunities and builds confidence in their longer-term commercial potential,” Mr Gardner added.

“This development has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 9.3 million tonnes over its lifetime, making a significant contribution to efforts to lower carbon emissions across our economy. We are pleased to see CEFC finance continuing to fill a significant finance gap for developers, with our capital supporting accelerated project development before off-take contracts are locked in.”

The Collector Wind Farm is being developed by RATCH-Australia and is located near, and will connect into, major NSW network transmission facilities. As part of the investment agreement with the CEFC, RATCH-Australia will install storage capability at its 42.5 MW Collinsville solar project in Queensland to improve grid stability in the region. The CEFC has previously provided finance to the Collinsville project.

RATCH-Australia’s EGM of Business Development Anthony Yeates said he was very pleased to be able to work with the CEFC on this project.

“RATCH-Australia is very glad to have the CEFC investing alongside us in this project,” Mr Yeates said. “The CEFC is one of Australia’s most active investors in renewable energy and this experience really shows in their approach to new projects. Their accumulated experience really helps progress and de-risk the whole industry, and ultimately this benefits everyone”.   

The Collector development will be one of the first in Australia to use the 4.2 MW V117 Vestas turbines. In addition, Vestas will use innovative drone and 3D imaging technology to deliver routine blade maintenance and data collection.

“The Collector Wind Farm demonstrates the increasing attractiveness of wind energy as a cost-effective provider of electricity and as an attractive and bankable investment”, said Vestas Asia-Pacific President Clive Turton. “Vestas is pleased to bring our leading technology, experience and knowledge to provide a customised energy solution for Collector, and to make it the latest in a series of CEFC-funded renewable energy projects that are supporting Australia’s transition to a low-carbon energy system.”

A RATCH-Australia Community Enhancement Fund will invest $240,000 into local projects each year over the 30-year life of the project. The funds will be invested into the region via a pair of community trusts that have been structured with significant involvement of the local community.

*The CEFC senior debt facility of $174.6 million was repaid in 2022.   

CEFC wind farm commitments: May 2019





Collector Wind Farm^



226.8 MW

Lincoln Gap Wind Farm: I, II

South Australia


212 MW

Crudine Ridge Wind Farm



135 MW

Kennedy Energy Park



43.2 MW

Bodangora Wind Farm



113 MW

Sapphire Wind Farm



270 MW

Taralga Wind Farm



107 MW

Granville Harbour Wind Farm



112 MW

Ararat Wind Farm



240 MW

Woodlawn Wind Farm



48 MW

Portland Wind Farm



149 MW

Macarthur Wind Farm



420 MW




2.07 GW

^CEFC finance repaid in 2022



RATCH-Australia is an independent power producer in Australia and owns a portfolio of power generation assets, with an installed capacity of more than 800 MW. Ratch’s operating wind farms are Mount Emerald, completed in 2019, and Windy Hill in Queensland, Toora (Victoria) and Starfish Hill (South Australia). Collinsville Solar Farm was completed in 2018.


Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. It designs, manufactures, installs, and services wind turbines across the globe, 100 GW of wind turbines in around 80 countries. Through its industry-leading smart data capabilities and unparalleled volume of wind turbines under service, Vestas uses data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions.


*The CEFC senior debt facility of $174.6 million was repaid in 2022.

Media release, 2019

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