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Validation for Downforce Technologies approach to soil carbon measurement

Validation for Downforce Technologies approach to soil carbon measurement

28 June 2022

The CEFC has congratulated Downforce Technologies after its unique approach to measuring soil organic carbon was independently validated by the Chief and Founding Editor of the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, Professor Jules Pretty.

Professor Pretty, who is also Professor of Environment and Society at the UK University of Essex, described the Downforce Technologies as a ‘novel and highly effective platform’.

The Downforce Technologies’ methodology cuts costs and improves accuracy in measuring and mapping soil organic carbon, a key understanding to cutting land-based emissions.  The data produced provides critical insights for large agricultural landowners, financial institutions, food companies and policy makers.

Downforce Technologies takes a scientific approach to the remote measurement of natural capital and ecosystem services, especially soil organic carbon, water, and erosion.

Downforce Technologies provides a novel and highly effective platform for rapid, remote and high resolution calculation of quantities and values of natural capital and ecosystem services produced by farmers and land stewards.
Professor Jules Pretty
Professor of Environment and Society, University of Essex

In his review Professor Pretty also noted that:

  • Agricultural soils had lost 25-75 per cent of their carbon stocks compared with natural or undisturbed neighbouring soils
  • Carbon capture in soils and above ground biomass had the potential to make a substantial contribution in the race to net zero emissions
  • New approaches to sustainable and regenerative agriculture had shown that carbon could be captured above and below ground in ways that contributed to food production and a range of additional ecosystem services, particularly carbon, landscape biodiversity and water holding capacity.

The CEFC invested $1.6 million in Downforce Technologies to develop and commercialise its innovative technology. The CEFC investment was made through the specialist Clean Energy Innovation Fund, which is managed by Virescent Ventures on behalf of the CEFC.

The UK-based Downforce Technologies has expanded its operations in Australia, identifying it as its first market, reflecting the important role Australian soils have to play in soil carbon capture and emissions reduction.

Read more in our Downforce Technologies case study.


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