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Advancing Hydrogen Fund


A new clean energy source for Australian industry

Momentum to identify Australia’s emerging green hydrogen opportunities gathered pace in 2020–21, with the CEFC working across the market to progress large-scale investment opportunities through the $300 million Advancing Hydrogen Fund. We are confident of making our first investment through the Fund in the 2021–22 year.

While large-scale investments in new technologies necessarily take time to develop, we were pleased to make our first hydrogen-related investment in Hysata, a new company created to commercialise innovative electrolyser production technology. Reflecting the start-up nature of Hysata, this investment was made through our Clean Energy Innovation Fund, rather than the Advancing Hydrogen Fund.

Advancing Hydrogen Fund
Special Investment programs - Hydrogen

Cost competitiveness of green hydrogen on the horizon

With Australia’s hydrogen industry in its infancy, we are working to lift understanding about investment opportunities among producers, large-scale energy users and investors. Our Australian hydrogen market study provided detailed analysis of the economic, technology and infrastructure factors that will underpin the green hydrogen economy.


Key findings:

  • Green hydrogen is already approaching cost competitiveness for heavy trucking, buses and remote power
  • Parallel advances in production and distribution costs, as well as ongoing technology evolution, will accelerate the commercial attractiveness of green hydrogen across key areas of the economy
  • Large-scale development would be critical to driving down installation and commissioning costs, similar to the accelerated development experienced by Australia’s large-scale renewable energy sector


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