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Reef Funding Program


The Reef Funding Program was created to help finance emissions reduction activities in the Great Barrier Reef Catchment Area, supporting delivery of the Australian Government Reef 2050 Plan.

To 30 June 2021, lifetime CEFC commitments that were eligible Reef Funding Program investments reached an estimated $403 million, across just over 545 transactions in projects with a total value of more than $1.2 billion.

New investments in 2020–21 were all small-scale in nature, typically supporting rooftop solar and energy efficiency machinery and equipment purchases in the agribusiness, manufacturing and small business sectors. As with all CEFC investments, projects must include renewable energy, energy efficiency or low emissions technologies.

With new investment in large-scale renewable energy projects facing challenging market conditions in the Reef area, the CEFC was pleased to extend our investments in the north Queensland Clermont, Hamilton and Whitsunday large-scale solar farms.

Refer to Appendix H for additional information.


CEFC lifetime commitments
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