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Market engagement


The CEFC continues our active engagement with industry and regulatory processes where they relate to emissions reduction, clean energy and associated investment matters.

Regulatory developments can have a significant impact on the flow of finance into the clean energy sector. The CEFC engages with regulatory processes in order to provide the perspective of a financial investor to inform regulatory changes. The views and approach of the financial investment community are critical to Australia’s ability to cost-effectively finance our energy transition.

We participated in technical working groups and stakeholder consultations, including with the Energy Security Board, the Australian Energy Market Operator and the Australian Energy Market Commission. For example, drawing on our specialist market investment expertise, we provided input into the development of the new AEMC framework for Designated Network Assets, which may facilitate investment in shared connection assets and an ability for multiple market participants to use these. This has the potential to deliver a more efficient grid, ultimately benefiting consumers by lowering the cost solution for connection assets through scale efficiencies, and increasing contestability by attracting more investors to the asset type.

We were also pleased to work with the Materials Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance, created to encourage the voluntary use of low emission building materials, as well as the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative, the Clean Energy Council and other sector leaders.

Engagement highlights 2020–21

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