Where we invest

Sustainable Economy


Agribusiness plays a critical role across the Australian economy, with a well-earned reputation for quality produce, innovative production methods and local employment opportunities – whether producing for the domestic market or extending into the highly competitive global market. This track record makes agribusinesses ideally-suited to capitalise on the growing wave of energy efficient and clean energy technology. The CEFC is an active financier to agribusiness.


Manufacturing is vital to the Australian economy, contributing around $100 billion to gross domestic product each year, and supporting nearly 900,000 jobs. CEFC research has identified a range of practical and proven strategies to deliver energy and cost savings across manufacturing operations. We also finance clean energy equipment upgrades and renewable energy installations in the manufacturing sector through our tailored asset finance programs.

Green vehicles

Lowering transport-related emissions is critical to the broader decarbonisation of the Australian economy. We actively support investment to accelerate the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, for individual, small business and fleet buyers. In addition, through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, we are financing start-up companies targeting the EV market. According to our research, electric vehicles could represent more than 90 per cent of all cars and light commercial vehicles on Australian roads by 2050.