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Our people

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Living our values – our CEFC shared values underpin everything we do and the way we do it. Our values are integrated into our performance expectations and our values champions are recognised and rewarded at our regular All Staff Town Hall events and the annual CEO Values Awards.

CEFC People Image
Catalysts leading change.
We’re driven to make a positive impact.
We’re in this together.
We harness the power of many to forge a new path.
Trusted investor.
We work openly and honestly.
The courage to go first.
We’re explorers of new frontiers.

The role of the CEFC is to stimulate private sector investment into initiatives that help Australia address some of its toughest emissions challenges. It is a responsibility that we do not take lightly and one we must meet with leadership, courage and commercial rigour. To address the opportunities and challenges in the clean energy sector, it is imperative that we attract, develop and retain the highest quality talent. In 2020, we created our first organisation-wide Capability Framework. This identifies 11 core capabilities for CEFC employees and describes the skills, knowledge and attributes required for successful performance at the CEFC. The new Capability Framework is aligned with our strategic direction.

For employees, the Capability Framework provides a structured and transparent approach to career development, designed to help build capabilities for both current and future roles. For managers, the Capability Framework establishes a common language of behavioural expectations, making it easier to provide teams with specific and actionable feedback and development coaching. It is also an important contributor to the identification of employees with the potential to progress and take on more responsibility.

CEFC Capability Framework
Delivers outcomes
  • Plans, prioritises and delivers
  • Critical thinking
  • Bold and ambitious
  • Resilient and tenacious
Engages others
  • Fosters relationships
  • Communicates clearly
  • Influences and negotiates
  • Leads and motivates
Grows the business
  • Curious and learning
  • Shapes the future
  • Business minded and entrepreneurial

Professional development

The CEFC actively promotes and encourages individual professional development as a core contributor to our market impact, as well as broadening and deepening the skills of our people. While the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed some development activities in the second half (e.g. formal face to face training and site visits), by May of 2020, employees were provided with a range of opportunities for virtual participation in industry conferences, internal lunch and learn sessions, online learning and executive coaching.

The CEFC approach to professional development includes a wide suite of opportunities for employees:

  • Participation in site visits to our investment projects, to learn first hand about the role of CEFC finance from investors and businesses adopting clean energy technologies
  • Participation in industry conferences and speaking events play a dual role in ensuring our employees stay abreast of emerging clean energy technologies and have the chance to influence business readiness to adopt clean energy strategies
  • Frequent “lunch and learn” sessions on market developments and emerging technologies are well attended, with external speakers a regular feature. These sessions provide an important opportunity for CEFC employees to increase their understanding of relevant developments in the clean energy sector, as well as share our own insights and knowledge with others, creating collaborative relationships across our market
  • Formal training in specific technical expertise is offered to ensure CEFC team members have the know-how, technical skills and impact required to fulfil our mission
  • We encourage secondments as a means of broadening employee experience and gaining unique industry experience
  • Executive coaching, professional development and support for further tertiary study enables CEFC employees to continually deepen their expertise and build their capability as influencers in our sector
  • Induction and annual refresher training via our e-learning platform iLEARN ensure employees are up to date on the compliance and legal obligations underpinning our business.
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