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Australian Recycling Investment Fund

Renewable Energy - Bioenergy

In December 2019, we also welcomed an Australian Government Investment Mandate Direction to the CEFC

to create a $100 million Australian Recycling Investment Fund.

The Fund will invest in waste related projects to reduce landfill emissions, as well as improve the energy efficiency of waste processing and resource recovery operations.

The Fund has a particular focus on large scale commercial projects which use clean energy technologies to support the recycling of waste plastics, paper, glass and tyres, consistent with the National Waste Policy Action Plan. These projects are complex and can take a considerable time to be investment ready. While the CEFC has invested more than $180 million in recycling technologies since inception, there have been no investments through the Australian Recycling Investment Fund in its first six months of operation. See  other CEFC investments in bioenergy and energy from waste.

Applying the circular economy principles to waste management is a whole of system approach that requires changes to product design, production, use and reuse,
Circular economy

Avoid waste
By prioritising waste avoidance, encourage efficient use, reuse
and repair; design products that are made to last

Improve resource recovery
Including improved material collection systems and recycling processes

Increase the use of recycled material
Including by building demand and markets for recycled products

Better manage material flows
To benefit human health, the environment and the economy

Improve information
To support innovation, guide investment and enable informed consumer decisions

Source: National Waste Policy 2019

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