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Investment commitments: 2019–20

Sustainable economy - Agribusiness

The 2019–20 year was marked by important developments across the CEFC portfolio,

including ground-breaking investments in new technologies and economic sectors.

Investment commitments in detail 2019–20
New commitments CEFC $m Transaction detail
 1 Adamantem Capital Fund II 80 Equity investment in a managed fund focused on driving emissions reduction
 2 ANZ 100 Finance for smaller scale energy efficiency and renewable energy assets
 3 Australian Unity Green Bond Fund 70 Investment in the Australian Unity Green Bond Fund, the first dedicated green bond fund in the Australian market
 4 Bank Australia 60 Finance for green home loans supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy
 5 Hayman and Daydream solar farms 21.2 Large scale solar debt finance
 6 Genex Power Limited 20 Corporate subordinated debt facility supporting the Jemalong and Kidston large scale solar farms
 7 Greensync 0.35 Clean Energy Innovation Fund: follow-on equity finance in distributed energy
 8 Infradebt Ethical Fund 50 Investment in a debt fund financing smaller utility scale renewable energy projects
 9 JET Charge 3.5 Clean Energy Innovation Fund: investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure
 10 East Rockingham Waste to Energy Facility 57.5 Subordinated debt facility for a waste to energy facility
 11 Macquarie Australian Infrastructure Trust 100 Equity investment to target emissions reduction in key Australian infrastructure assets
 12 Hornsdale Power Reserve 50 Debt finance for a large scale battery storage facility
 13 NSW Empowering Homes Program 7 Debt facility for the installation of residential battery storage alongside rooftop solar: NSW Government program
 14 Pro-invest Australian Hospitality Opportunities Fund II 50 Equity investment in a fund for the construction of energy efficient hotels
 15 QIC Shopping Centre Fund 30 Corporate green bond issuance
 16 QIC Shopping Centre Fund 80 Equity investment in a shopping centre fund to implement clean technology and energy efficiency
 17 Qualitas Build-to-Rent Impact Fund 140 Syndicated debt facility to a build-to-rent residential fund to provide sustainable options for the rental market
 18 RateSetter 20 Finance for a peer-to-peer green lending platform (trading name changed to Plenti)
 19 Soil Carbon Company 1.7 Clean Energy Innovation Fund: equity investment in an agricultural technology company
 20 Stockland 75 Corporate debt facility supporting the reduction of emissions from a diversified real estate portfolio
 21 Tenacious Ventures Fund 8 Clean Energy Innovation Fund: equity investment in the first Australian dedicated agrifood tech venture capital fund
 22 Kiamal Solar Farm 11 Follow-on equity investment in synchronous condenser
 23 Zen Ecosystems 3 Clean Energy Innovation Fund: follow-on equity investment in smart energy management

Changes in portfolio

As the CEFC portfolio matures, there is evidence of growing investor interest in refinancing CEFC transactions, a positive indication of the commercial benefits of investing in clean energy opportunities. During 2019–20, almost $942 million in CEFC finance was repaid or recouped through sale or redemption, markedly higher than the record $321 million reported in 2018–19. Total repayments since the CEFC began investing reached $1.66 billion to 30 June 2020, with CEFC capital available for reinvestment on behalf of the Australian Government. See Appendix F for further information about realised investments.

Total repayments since the CEFC began investing, to 30 June 2020
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