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Case study

Intellihub gets smart with meter tech

Empowering homes, businesses and energy networks 

Intellihub Group is a smart utility infrastructure-as-a-service company delivering innovative metering and data solutions to consumers, retailers, network service providers and regulators in Australia and New Zealand. Intellihub was the first CEFC investment in the smart metering space.


CEFC investment



1.6 million 

smart meter pipeline

Our devices enable a two-way communication between the network and the home, to both facilitate the most efficient use of renewables in the home, but then also to provide the connectivity to enable trading on the grid itself.
Wes Ballantine
CEO, Intellihub

Our investment

The CEFC played an important role in supporting the development of Intellihub between 2018 and 2021, committing $75 million to support the continued growth of its smart metering business.

Intellihub subsequently announced a world-first $1.45 billion green loan facility to help fund the further rapid rollout of smart meters in Australia and New Zealand.

Through its CrescoNet Group technology arm, the Intellihub Group also acquired GreenSync, which specialises in technology that enables better energy management.

GreenSync had previously benefited from CEFC investment through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund.

The CEFC finance for Intellihub was repaid in December 2021.

our impact

Harnessing the potential of virtual power plants

As energy businesses transform their business models, they are rapidly digitising, decentralising and decarbonising their operations and relying on real-time insights into how energy is consumed to optimise its use.

Intellihub services more than 30 electricity retailers, major electricity network businesses and embedded network owners. It also partners with other new energy participants.

The combination of the Intellihub smart metering platform and the GreenSync cloud-based DER interoperability software –  deX – allows Intellihub to deliver potential virtual power plants.  

The platforms can network business and household behind-the-meter energy assets - such as rooftop solar, battery storage, electric vehicles and pool pumps - to coordinate and reduce electricity demand. This can unlock value for retailers and consumers, help stabilise the grid and enable the integration of higher levels of renewable energy.

Installations tipped to reach 2,000 a day

Intellihub, which reported a pipeline of more than 1.6 million smart meters under management in December 2022, expects renewable energy generation capacity sitting behind Intellihub smart meters to grow to 3 GW in the coming years.

Under a 2022 agreement with Telstra, Intellihub provides new advanced metering insights to Telstra Energy, with Telstra to provide up to 4.1 million SIMs to connect Intellihub smart meters to the largest Internet of Things (IoT) network in Australia.

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