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Pro-invest Group

Hotels are traditionally high energy consumers and high carbon emitters. Focusing on energy efficiency solutions is helping to cut those emissions, as well as delivering benefits to hotel owners and operators, while offering guests the opportunity to make more sustainable accommodation choices.  

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Clean energy investment delivers greener hotels

November 2021

The $125 million Holiday Inn Express Melbourne Southbank has been designed to significantly reduce energy consumption, with a range of initiatives to deliver ongoing benefits for owner/ Pro-invest Group, hotel guests and the environment. 

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Our investment

The CEFC provided $39 million in debt finance to the Pro-invest Group development of the Holiday Inn Express Melbourne Southbank hotel, which is targeting a 5 star National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Energy rating.  

As part of the CEFC finance, Pro-invest Group is lifting the design standard for the project, ensuring the latest clean energy technologies are included from the construction stage. These design changes are targeting a 25 per cent drop in the hotel’s energy use, delivering a substantial energy saving that will provide ongoing benefits for the hotel, carbon-conscious guests and for the environment. 

Our goal is to work across the entire property sector to deliver lower carbon emissions. Through our investments we are providing real life examples to property developers of how and where new technologies can deliver the most value. There is no question that investments in clean energy technologies offer real and lasting benefits across the property sector.
Last updated November 2021. Property, Investment Insights
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